Michele Ravera founded Organized for Good in July 2000 to help individuals get organized on projects for wonderful results.

Michele brings techniques learned from Professional Organizer Debbie Bowie. First Bowie helped Michele to get organized in 1998 and 1999.

Now Michele lends a compassionate hand to busy professionals, artists, and clients with issues including A.D.D. and anxiety. Clients have included lawyers, housewives, business owners, and students.

Michele has experience in formal and informal settings. Play room or boardroom, Organized for Good can help you streamline and organize.

What else does Michele Ravera bring to your project?

  • She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University with concentration in Public Relations .
  • Comes from a background in a deadline-driven projects including publishing, public relations, non-profit and university health care; festival and office management.
  • Experienced as a broadcast journalist with experience in Country, Alternative, local music shows, talk radio, voice-overs, advertising, web infomercials and airborne traffic reports.

Since Michele is organized now she enjoys free time to create hand-crafted folk art. She works with crochet, watercolor and beads.

She enjoys travel, speaks about organization, writes and takes photographs.

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