“Clear your path to reach your goals.”

What is Organized For Good?
Organized For Good (O4G) is a small, innovative company dedicated to help break down whatever is between you and your goals.

Michele Ravera can help you to reduce clutter and organize those items that you really need. Together, we work to simplify your routine. With your path clear, you find more time to reach goals. Express what you wish to accomplish and we set a plan of creative solutions to launch you toward your goals.

Services are tailored to your project including:
– Organize your business, home office, supplies
– Coach for time management, goal setting, downsizing

Where does Organized for Good serve?
Currently we welcome short and long-term projects near Reno and Sparks, Nevada.

O4G holds expertise working with clients who are:
– Nonprofits – Legal & Medical Offices
– Artists – Anxiety Challenged
– Chronically Disorganized

Call Organized For Good for help: 775-557-8379

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